1.5 Volt Batteries

Buy 1.5 Volt Coin Batteries Online in Australia 

Lanplus is Australia’s leading online battery store. Here you will find the complete range of 1.5v alkaline batteries to suit your application. Whether you are looking for button batteries or coin batteries, we store the complete range of alkaline batteries. We provide fast, free shipping across Australia. 

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Widest Range of 1.5V Batteries in Australia

Alkaline batteries have a rich history of providing a ready source of power to various everyday electronic devices. Chemical engineering ensures they are reliable yet powerful in a tiny case. Alkaline button batteries are made in the same button sizes as lithium batteries. 

A 1.5-volt coin battery is ideal for watches, glucose monitors, calculators, electronic books, keyless remotes, hearing aids and toys among other things. At Lanplus, we stock a wide range of 1.5v batteries and provide free, fast shipping Australia-wide. 

When you are looking for replacement 1.5 volt alkaline batteries, think of Lanplus. We are Australia’s largest suppliers of the complete range of batteries. No matter the size of button battery you need or the application it is for, here you will find the right battery you are looking for. 

Button batteries are named so because of their shape – they are small, thin and round. Flatter cells are called coin batteries and fatter ones are called button batteries. All alkaline button batteries are rated 1.5v.

Lanplus stocks a variety of button cell batteries from leading brands like Naccon, Maxell, Panasonic and PKCell. 

1.5 Volt Alkaline Coin Battery Safety

Did you know that battery ingestion is a common occurrence across Australia? Almost 52% of battery ingestion cases affect children under six years or lower. When left untreated, an ingested battery can be difficult to detect and may have serious consequences. 

At Lanplus, we take the safety of our customers very seriously and want to help prevent coin ingestion by children. We only sell alkaline coin battery packs that feature:

  • Tamper-Proof Packing – This prevents accidental opening. Double blister tamper proof packing ensures that it can be opened only with scissors. 
  • On-Pack Warning – The battery pack will feature an on-pack warning that says “keep away from children”. 
  • Safety Sticker – A safety sticker on the negative terminal ensures the exposed surface area is minimal while warning parents to keep the coin cell away from children’s reach. 

Once the package is opened, measures must be taken to ensure children don’t accidentally ingest these batteries. 

  • Keep away from children’s reach – Always ensure the batteries are kept away from children. This will help prevent swallowing. If ingestion occurs in spite of this measure, take note that the symptoms could be similar to other illnesses during childhood like drooling, coughing and discomfort. 
  • Common devices that use button and coin batteries – It helps to be away of devices that make use of these tiny batteries. Coin batteries are often found in watches, garage door openers, greeting cards with music, medical devices and remote controls. Make sure these devices aren’t readily available and ensure the kids are supervised when in contact with such items so they don’t access the coin batteries accidentally. 

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10x Panasonic AG10 1.5v LR1130 G10 LR54 189 GP89A Alkaline Button Coin Battery

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Maxell 10X AG13 1.5v LR44 G13 LR44 A76 GP76A 357 Alkaline Button Coin Battery

Maxell 10X AG13 1.5v LR44 G13 LR44 A76 GP76A 357 Alkaline Button Coin Battery

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