Find a 12 V Deep Cycle Battery Online in Australia

The most common use for a 12V deep cycle battery in Australia is in transportation, mainly cars, and boats. Depending upon its application the battery can look very different. They can be large (for use as a starter in a car or boat) or small (some larger children’s toys), weigh a lot or just a little. Sometimes 12V batteries can be similar to regular AA batteries. All these different features make a 12V deep cycle battery among the most diverse of all batteries.

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A genuine 12V deep cycle battery

People who may not be familiar with batteries are often unaware of what the term “deep cycle” means. Usually, it is used to differentiate from what is known as a starting battery. These are batteries that are used to start cars or trucks etc. You’ll find thinner lead plates in a starter battery that are composed of a lead that looks very similar to a sponge. This allows them to draw current much more quickly than a deep cycle battery, which is very useful when you want to start a vehicle. The plates in deep cell batteries are much thicker and solid. This gives them less surface area, so they don’t have the instant power that you find with a starting battery. They do, however, last longer, and can be drawn down to about 20% of their maximum charge repeatedly. This makes them ideal for various outdoor solutions that require a lot of energy over a more extended period to function correctly.

You can get a 12V battery as either a non-rechargeable alkaline variety or one that you can recharge. Portable 12V batteries are ideal for anglers who may not have an electronic system on board their boat but want something to power their fish finder equipment. A mobile 12V deep cell battery tends to be lighter than other types since they are meant to be portable.

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