Get 18650 Batteries Online in Australia

When people think of 18650 batteries in Australia, they think of them primarily for use in flashlights. The 18650 battery is a lithium-ion battery that’s a little bit larger than an AA battery. Their purpose is, however, not just confined to flashlights, but can be found in everything from laptop computers to electric vehicles. Since they are rechargeable, they are ideal for devices such as digital clocks or Bluetooth speakers. You may have several gadgets that use 18650 batteries and not even know it, that is how versatile they have become.

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The many uses of 18650 batteries

The idea behind lithium power batteries was discovered in the late 1970s by a researcher named M.S. Whittingham. Working in his lab in Binghamton England, he combined lithium and titanium sulphide in his first battery. The battery was powerful enough, but Whittingham had concerns about safety issues, and this initial lithium battery was not used much commercially in the beginning. However, a research paper written in 1980 by a researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research said that these batteries could be ideal for commercial use. He believed it was necessary that lithium metal not be used and that some other forms that contained lithium ions take its place. People continued to tinker with the idea of lithium batteries for another ten years until the Japanese company Sony released its lithium-ion battery in the early 90s. It wasn’t until 1996, however, that the problem with lithium metal was solved when scientists used lithium iron phosphate instead.

Lithium batteries such as the 18650 are among the most durable and the longest lasting. Always buy rechargeable batteries if possible. While they may cost a bit more upfront the savings over the long term are quite substantial.

Best deals on batteries

Regardless of the type of battery you buy, its average lifespan is about three to five years. When you purchase low-quality batteries just because they are the least expensive, you always spend more money as you need to exchange the batteries more frequently. In worst-case scenarios, using these low-quality batteries could damage your devices. This is one reason that we chose only the best quality products to offer you and all at reasonable prices. We also provide warranties with everything that we sell. When you’re looking for competitive prices on excellent batteries, we invite you to visit us today.