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Are you looking to buy the best slimline deep cycle AGM battery in Australia? Lanplus has you covered. Explore our collection to find the best slimline AGM battery for every application.

Slimline deep cycle AGM batteries are the best batteries money can buy. They combine a slim profile and the latest in AGM technology to offer an extremely long-lasting battery. Given their slimline profile, these batteries go where a standard battery can’t.

They are the perfect choice for your caravan, motorhome, utes, 4WDs, TroopCarriers, LandCruisers and any smaller spaces. They can even be used for marine applications.

AGM deep cycle slimline batteries feature a robust ABS container that’s completely sealed and are built to last. If you are searching for an outback-proof battery for your vehicle, then the slimline deep cycle AGM battery range from Lanplus is all you need.

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Slimline Deep Cycle AGM Batteries – A Step Above

Slimline AGM batteries pack in a lot of punch (battery capacity) in a small footprint. Their tall, slim case design can save up to 15% in space and are 15% lighter than other batteries.

With AGM batteries, the electrolyte – the mixture of sulphuric acid and water – is largely present in glass fibre. These batteries are completely maintenance-free and there’s no gas formation with normal usage. What’s more, slimline AGM deep cycle batteries do not need ventilation, which means they can be installed anywhere.

These batteries make for an ideal general-purpose battery and can combine both “starter” and “service” functionality in a single battery.

Their construction provides a rapid discharge at very high current levels. So slimline AGM batteries are perfect for applications that require high currents, such as when starting an engine or to power winches and side thrusters. As a service battery, they can easily withstand cyclical usage for instrumentation, onboard lighting, entertainment, etc.

Benefits of Slimline AGM Batteries

These batteries combine all the benefits of Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. They are maintenance-free, don’t leak or spill, do not produce any fumes, aren’t affected by freezing and boast a very low self-discharge rate.

These batteries are totally maintenance-free offering you complete peace of mind. No refilling terminals with water. Simply purchase, install and forget.

These batteries do not experience any loss of electrolyte and boast exceptional deep discharge recovery, in case you accidentally happen to discharge the battery heavily.

Other benefits include:

  • Durable ABS casing
  • Compressed AGM technology
  • Universal and very slim battery
  • Can be used for starter function
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Convenient M6 connections
  • Saves up to 15% of space
  • Lighter by 15% compared to standard batteries
  • Terminal protection
  • Maintenance free
  • High vibration resistance
  • Very long life span
  • Excellent condition even after winter storage
  • Could be installed in any position
  • Completely sealed

Buying a slimline deep cycle AGM battery is easy and hassle-free with Lanplus. Simply place your order online and we will dispatch it the next day. We offer free delivery on most products across Australia. For any assistance, call 03 9459 7206

12V 110AH
Front Terminal Slim Design
24-Month Replacement Warranty
New Stock Just Arrived
one Brand NEW Sunstonepower 12 Volt 110AH
Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
24-Month replacement warranty
Item Name:
Brand New with 24-Month return-to-base replacement warranty 
Dimensions and Weight
Length (mm) 394
Width (mm) 109
Height (mm) 285
Total Height (mm ) 287
Approx. Weight (Kg) 35.7
12V 110AH GEL Slim SLA Deep Cycle 12 year life Battery VGG12 -110
·Long life design
·Valve Regulated Construction (Sealed)
·Gas Recombination System
·Safety and Automatic Valve System
·Heavy Duty Grids
·Float Service life of battery
·Operation in any position
·Wide Operation Temperature Range
Shipping price adjust as follows for some areas
  • Auto control system &ATM machine
  • Railway system & Aircraft signal
  • Electronic apparatus and equipmen
  • Emergency light & Emergency backup        power supply 
  • Alarm/Security system
  • Power generation system (Solar and    Wind power system,etc.)
  • Communication power & DC power
  • Electric Power System(EPS)
  • Uninterruptable Power System (UPS)

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Slimline Deep Cycle AGM Battery

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