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Buy Quliaty AGM Batteries Online in Australia

A flat car battery can be frustrating, leaving you helpless and clueless in the middle of nowhere. Be sure to replace your car battery before it gives up on you. If you are looking to buy AGM batteries in Melbourne, Lanplus has you covered.

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If you have been hunting for a reliable and trusted online supplier of car batteries in Australia, Lanplus is your answer. Buying a car battery is easy, painless and effortless with Lanplus. Why waste your weekend visiting your local garage when you can have your battery delivered to your doorstep?

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In our online store, you will find the complete range of batteries for every application from all major brands. Whether you are looking for economical batteries, stop/start batteries, premium batteries or dry cell AGM batteries, look no further.

All our batteries are backed by a nationwide manufacturer’s warranty, are maintenance-free and far exceed your vehicle’s original specifications for a battery.

How to Replace Your Car Battery?

Replacing your car battery isn’t rocket science. Anyone can do it. Follow these simple steps to replace your car battery in no time. 

  • Take a picture – Before you remove the battery, be sure to take a picture of the old battery in its place. This will help you to easily fit the new battery with the negative and positive terminals in the correct place.
  • Remove the old battery – Start by removing the negative cable from the negative terminal of the battery. To do this, loosen the cable clamp using a wrench. Never remove the positive cable first. Now, remove the positive connector and unfasten the battery holder. Now, loosen any screws that are holding the battery in place.
  • Clean the clamps – Use a clean cloth to clean the clamps that connect the terminals. The clamps may have been affected by corrosion. You could use a baking soda solution to give it a thorough clean.
  • Install your new AGM car battery – It’s important to fit your new battery exactly the same way as the old battery did. Once the positive and negative terminals are on the correct side, locate the spots where the screws go. Coat the clamps and the posts with anti-corrosion grease and connect all the screws and bars. Now reconnect the positive terminal before the negative one. Once the clamps are tightened, you are all set to take your car around.