It’s Easy to find an AGM Battery Online Australia

Finding the right replacement battery can be challenging. Whether you need a specific button battery, gel cell battery, or an AGM battery, you can find what you need at LANplus. We also guarantee that we provide you with a high-quality, well-made battery – we don’t skimp here. Our reputation for the last twenty years has been one of quality and integrity, and we don’t intend to change that. Everything we sell will last as long as we promise it will, and we back it up with our proven guarantee. Let us take the worry out of ordering that AGM battery online – at LANplus, you know you’re getting the real thing, made to perform. Our knowledgeable customer service reps are also skilled at helping you find the right battery for your needs. With so many cord-free devices in our lives, and power-hungry equipment such as power tools, battery backups, etc., it’s essential to have access to experienced assistance when replacing the batteries for these items.

What Is an AGM Battery, Anyway?

AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. While batteries of this type were first used by the military, they have become an indispensable source of power in a multitude of applications. In an AGM battery, a thin fibreglass mat is placed between the battery plates and is tightly wedged to prevent spillage. The glass mat serves to absorb acid, which keeps the spillage risk very low. The mat and plates are slightly compressed and soldered in place, which ensures that they are resistant to the effects that vibration can have on performance or endurance. AGM batteries also offer some of the best internal resistance loss percentages available – a new AGM battery can average as little as two percent loss, compared to ten to fifteen in a typical flooded lead-acid battery. That means far more efficiency for whatever is drawing power from it and faster charge times. Internal resistance also creates heat as a by-product, and in some circumstances, this can be a challenging “side effect” to manage. AGM batteries generate less heat when charging thanks to improved internal resistance.

Full Range of Products

LANplus carries an extensive range of batteries to suit your needs, and we can advise you on all of them. Our staff will gladly help point you in the right direction if you’re unsure how to choose the correct battery. We make sure to offer long-lasting batteries because while every battery is disposable eventually, that time can vary greatly depending on the quality of the manufacturing. LANplus is proud to provide batteries that we are confident in and fully support. A low-quality battery not only won’t last as long, but it can also pose a hazard to your devices if it fails unexpectedly. Rather than risk damage or loss of data, get the right battery the first time from LANplus. We’ll be here for you before and after the sale, answering your questions and providing guidance. We are happy to deliver your AGM battery Australia-wide – in most cases, free of charge.