• Battery Desulfator F all Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12v 24V 36V 48V revive dead Clip Type
Battery Desulfator 
for all Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
Fully Automatic Voltage Selection
12V / 24V / 36V / 48V

What is Sulfation?

Sulfaction is the buildup of lead sulfate (poSo4) crystals on your battery plates

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All lead acid batteries will suffer from the effects of sulfation. It is the unwanted byproduct of the natural double sulfate chemical reaction that generates electricity within the battery. When a battery is in use, the active material on your battery’s plates, lead and lead dioxide, react with the electrolyte or sulfuric acid (H2SO4) to generate electricity. During this process a thin layer of non-crystalline solid lead sulfate is deposited on the plates.

During charging, this sulfate deposit is supposed to be converted back to lead dioxide and sulfuric acid restoring the battery back to its pre-discharged state. However, the process is not perfect. Incomplete charging or prolonged time left in a discharged state will convert the amorphous (non-crystalline) lead sulfate into a hardened crystalized form diminishing the ability of the battery to reach full charge.

Model: T-DF01 Clip Type
Auto-setting For 12-48V 40-200Ah Battery
Working Amp : 0.02A Max
Peak Amp : 2A Max
Peak Voltage : 60-100V
Pulse Frequency : 60,000HZ
LED light indicates when pules working
Cutoff amp: < 5mA
Size : 83 * 58 * 33 mm
Weight : 150g

          For all Sealed Lead Acid Battery up to 200AH

  • Fully Automatic voltage selection. 12V 24V 36V and 48V
  • New Cyclic pulse generation method for improved capacity recovery
  • Soft Peak Pulsing
  • Auto cut off function to prevent over discharge of battery
  • User Configurable override for manual voltage selection​​​​​​​


  • Increases Battery Power
  • Extends Battery Life
  • Battery Charge Faster
  • Longer Discharge
  • Prevents Sulfate Build-up
  • Reduces Evaporation​​​​​​​
  • IP66 waterproof plastic box
  • Waterproof Touch Button
Just connect Red terminal to battery positive and black terminal to battery negative. And Auto Pulse Battery Desulfator can cutoff when battery voltage is low.
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Battery Desulfator F all Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12v 24V 36V 48V revive dead Clip Type

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