Deep Cycle Lithium ion Caravan Battery

Deep Cycle Lithium-ion Caravan Battery – Buy Online at the Best Prices

At Lanplus, we stock an extensive range of leisure batteries for every type of application including motorhomes, caravans, boats and camper trailers. As a leading 12-volt battery stockist, we can help you choose the right caravan battery for you.

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The Need for a Good Quality Caravan Battery

A good quality caravan battery is a must when you want to travel off the beaten track and experience life on the move without any hassle.

Your caravan battery powers everything from oven ignition, heater, fridge and lights when your caravan isn’t hooked to the electrical mains. The truth is that your leisure battery is an important part of your caravan’s electrical system.

The caravan’s battery powers everything from your fridge freezer to the on-board lighting. That’s why it’s important to take good care of your caravan’s batteries and replace them when they near the end of their life cycle.

Why Buy a Deep Cycle Li-ion Battery?

A deep cycle battery is designed for a lot more charge-discharge cycles compared to standard batteries, making it a longer-lasting product for your caravan.

Deep cycle lithium-ion batteries are an innovative technology that offers an excellent alternative to traditional batteries. They are far smaller compared to a lead-acid battery, offer the same or more storage and weigh less too.

If you are looking to make your caravan future-proof, these are the batteries to install. Here are some of the benefits of lithium-ion batteries:

  • They release energy at any level. This means that all your caravan’s electrical appliances can operate simultaneously if need be.
  • Constant voltage. Conventional deep cycle batteries experience a reduction in voltage as they discharge. That’s not the case with lithium-ion deep cycle batteries.
  • More power. These batteries store up to 4 times more electrical energy compared to traditional batteries of the same weight and size. This allows you to save space in your caravan while getting the most out of your battery.

At Lanplus, we stock a range of high-quality deep cycle lithium-ion caravan batteries at the best prices. So if you are searching for the best caravan battery in Australia, look no further.

Take Good Care of Your Caravan Batteries

Check the battery charge levels regularly so you won’t have to find yourself without power suddenly. Deep cycle batteries can discharge about 45% to 75% of their capacity depending on the brand.

Be sure to recharge them when they reach 50% of their charge. However, never allow the charge to go below 20%. This will ensure a longer life for your li-ion caravan battery.