Avoid Fake Products When You Buy Deep Cycle Batteries Online

Reliability is an important consideration any time you buy a battery. It’s especially pressing when it comes to deep cycle batteries, which are marketed as long term power solutions for campers, sailboats, golf carts and more. With this kind of battery, you will be able to power an entire campsite for days at a time. You don’t want something that isn’t going to hold a charge, or that will give up the ghost after a year. Instead, you want a battery that will perform as described—preferably with warranty coverage to give you some extra peace of mind.

LANplus: Your Source for Better Batteries in Australia

It’s an unfortunate fact that the battery market is littered with fake, low quality or misleadingly marketed products. At LANplus, one of our goals is to make it easier for customers to find better products. When you buy deep cycle batteries from our online store—or any other types of batteries, for that matter—you can expect quality and reliability. We can guarantee our customers 100% that every product we sell is entirely genuine and high-quality.

No battery will last forever, by definition, batteries discharge and lose power. Eventually, even the best and most well cared for products are going to lose their ability to hold a charge. In most cases, batteries have the relatively short life cycle of three to five years—though that lifespan can vary depending on usage and battery type.

Just because batteries don’t have infinite longevity doesn’t mean you should skimp on price or quality, though. On the contrary, low-quality batteries have even shorter lifespans, which means you will be paying to replace them more often. Purchasing cheap deep cycle batteries in Australia might seem like a bargain upfront, but you will typically have to replace them at least twice for every lifecycle of a better battery.

Low-quality batteries aren’t just bad for your wallet, either. On the contrary, sub-par quality batteries can also cause irrecoverable damage to the devices you power with them. Old batteries corrode, which can damage the terminals of a device. Terminals are usually replaceable or repairable, but if the damage goes deeper, there is no guarantee that the device in question will be salvageable.

Better Deep Cycle Batteries for Better Prices

When you come to LANplus—whether for deep cycle batteries, lithium batteries or something else—you can expect a better experience. We only sell high-quality batteries and always make sure our customers are getting warranty protection. We also offer some of the best price/performance ratios in the battery industry—providing high quality batteries for reasonable prices.

If you are looking for deep cycle batteries online in Australia, look no further than LANplus. We are here to assist you, your devices, your campers, your golf carts or whatever else you need to power with our batteries. Should you have any questions, call 03 9459 7206.