Gel Cell Battery

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AGM Battery

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries (AGM)

Gel Cell batteries contain a silica type gel that the battery electrolyte is suspended in, this thick paste like material allows electrons to flow between plates but will not leak from the battery if the case is broken.


  • Totally maintenance free
  • Superior deep cycle life when compared to AGM
  • Air transportable
  • Spill proof/leak proof
  • Minimal corrosion thus physically compatible with sensitive electronic equipment
  • Installs upright or on side
  • Very low to no gassing (unless overcharged)
  • Superior shelf life when compared to Wet Cell
  • No recharge current limitation @ 13.8 volts
  • Rugged and vibration-resistant
  • Very safe at sea with no chlorine gas in bilge (due to sulfuric acid and salt water mixing)
  • Most versatile: Starting. Deep Cycle, Stationary
  • Lowest cost-per-month (cost / months of life)
  • Lowest cost-per-cycle (cost / life cycles) 

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