• SunstonePower 12V 80AH AGM SLA DEEP CYCLE Battery Standby Uninterruptible power Standby supply

Brand NEW 12V 80AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Sealed Lead Acid

Non-Spillable Sealed

High Performance and Superior Quality

Part number: ML12-80

Size: 259mm x 168mm x 212mm

Model: SunStoner Power ML12-80 12V 80AH Genuine AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Manufacturer: SunStone Power

Brand new with 12-month replacement warranty.

Here is the specifications

Feature in details

·Long life design
Mainline (ML) series of SunStone batteries are long life design batteries. Normally in the alloy of plate, the percentage of Tin is 0.8%. For these batteries, we double the percentage of Tin in the alloy. The percentage of Ca is also changed in this alloy for better performance.

·Valve Regulated Construction (Sealed)

Mainline (ML) series of SunStone batteries are of the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) valve regulated (sealed) lead acid rechargeable type. The electrolyte is suspended in a specially formulated non woven glass mat separator. All the electrolyte is absorbed in this manner and provides a safe non-spillable battery.

·Gas Recombination System
More than 99% of gasses generated in the normal charge/discharge use of a rechargeable battery are internally recombined.

·Safety and Automatic Valve System
If the pressure is over 2-5 psi,  the safety valve will automatically open and reseal. This promise that there is no any excessive accumulation of gas in the battery.

·Heavy Duty Grids
The grids are made by heavy duty lead calcium tin alloy. This provides: Safety margin of performance condition, Excellent recovery capacity from deep discharge, Extra service life in either cycle or float application, Low self-discharge when it is not in working.

·Float Service life of battery
Mainline (ML) series of SunStone batteries is designed for float life of 10 years at 20°C(68°F).

·Operation in any position
Because SunStone batteries are sealed and all the acid is absorbed in the special separators, these batteries can be operated in both vertical and horizontal position.

·Wide Operation Temperature Range
SunStone batteries can be used in wide temperature range from -35°C to 45°C.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)     
Switch-gear operations        
Cellular radio         
Computer power supply       
Standby power supply        

Electric powered vehicle
Golf cars and buggy
Wheal chair
Power tool
Electric powered toy
Control system
Vacuum cleaner
Medical equipment


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SunstonePower 12V 80AH AGM SLA DEEP CYCLE Battery Standby Uninterruptible power Standby supply

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