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From golf courses and corporate campuses to hotels and resorts, golf buggies are an important sight across the country. Lanplus is Australia’s leading online retailer of golf buggy batteries. We stock an array of batteries to keep your golf buggy moving.

Our inventory includes deep cycle batteries, AGM deep cycle batteries, lithium batteries and li-ion batteries. We stock some of the top golf buggy battery brands.

Golf Cart Batteries Melbourne – Choosing the Right Battery

A golf buggy comes really handy and makes things a lot easier on the golf course. Golf carts carry you and your clubs around the course safely and quietly with minimum effort.

A golf cart battery features thicker plates and separators. This assures excellent performance through multiple rounds of deep charging.

If your golf buggy is huffing and puffing even before it reaches the 18th hole, it’s perhaps time to look for a replacement golf buggy battery.

Depending on the voltage of your golf cart or buggies, you will use 6-volt, 8-volt or 12-volt batteries. All electric golf buggies run on deep cycle batteries, which boast long charge and discharge cycles to offer sustained, reliable power.

Lanplus offers an array of deep cycle batteries including flooded lead acid, AGM and gel options. Get type and advanced AGM batteries feature a spill-proof design. This offers additional durability for bumpy courses or even long hours of riding.

Whether you are looking to buy a single battery for your personal golf buggy or you manage several carts at a golf club and require several batteries, simply let us know the make and model of your cart and we can help you choose the right battery to suit your requirements.

Golf Cart Batteries Australia – Maintenance Tips

All our golf buggy batteries are pre-charged at storage levels. By the time your new battery is installed, it’s charge will likely hover around 70%. Simply plug your charger and leave it alone until the charger shuts off automatically.

Initially, ensure that your battery charge never goes below 50% of battery life. Charge it back to 100% every time the battery hovers around 50%. Keep to this process for the first few weeks to get the best performance from your new golf cart batteries.

Never let the charge on the batteries go too low. Keep a recharge schedule to ensure the batteries are recharged without ever going too low.

Take the time to water your buggy battery. These batteries require semi-watering for proper operation. Be sure to use distilled water and check the water level once every month.

Need Help Choosing the Right Golf Cart Battery?

At Lanplus, we take great pride in offering high-quality batteries at competitive prices in Australia. Our friendly team is on hand to offer expert advice. Whether you have a question or need help choosing the best battery for your golf buggy, give us a call and we will be happy to assist.