Mobility Scooter Batteries Australia

Buy Mobility Scooter Batteries in Australia at Best Prices

Looking to buy mobility scooter batteries in Melbourne? At Lanplus, we offer a range of high-quality, original and genuine batteries for mobility scooters. We’ve built a reputation for supplying reliable, high-performance mobility scooter batteries across Australia at the best prices.

We carry an extensive stock of high-quality batteries for mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, power chairs and golf buggies, all priced below their recommended retail price. Whether you are looking for 12V scooter battery, 24V battery with charger, 36V battery or 48V battery, we offer the complete range.

Dependable, High-Quality Mobility Scooter Batteries

Stay active, independent and keep moving with a good quality, reliable battery from Lanplus. You will have complete mobility and flexibility with your mobility scooter with the right AGM or gel battery.

Lanplus is the one-stop-shop for all the best mobility scooter batteries in Australia. Our mobility scooter batteries are built to last and will stand the test of time. They are manufactured to the highest standard and offer a premium quality battery of similar or even exceeding the quality of the original batteries.

How Long Does a 12V Scooter Battery Last?

Generally speaking, your mobility scooter battery will last for at least two years when looked after well. It really depends on your usage and care.

The performance and lifespan of your scooter battery depends on how you drive. If you maintain your vehicle well and drive sensibly, your mobility scooter battery will work at its optimal capacity for a long time.

Be sure to charge your scooter at least once a week even if it’s not in use. The best part is that mobility scooter batteries can never be overcharged. Why? Because the charger cuts out power automatically once the battery is charged completely (provided it is working correctly).

A full recharge takes roughly 8 hours.

Mobility Scooter Batteries with Chargers

We offer a range of mobility batteries that come bundled with chargers.

Most charges feature a 3-pin plug and come with a simple on and off switch.

These charges are completely automatic. You can leave your scooter plugged in without worrying about overcharging.

Need help choosing the right product? Our friendly team is on-hand to provide sound advice and help you choose the right battery for your mobility scooter.

Wide Range of Scooter and Golf Buggy Batteries 

We stock an extensive range of mobility scooter batteries for every model and make. Ranging in size from 10AH through to 100AH, our batteries come with a minimum warranty of 12 months. Some batteries even feature a 2-year warranty.

We stock batteries in both gel and absorbed glass mat (AGM) format. We would be happy to suggest the best fit for your scooter and requirements.

At Lanplus we understand that the performance of your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter is very important to you. That’s why we ship your order in no time and deliver most products free of charge across Australia.