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Premium UPS Replacement Battery in Australia

Lanplus is a leading supplier of replacement UPS battery in Australia. From replacement batteries for domestic alarm systems to large commercial UPS systems, we have the expertise and the range to help you find the right replacement battery for your UPS.

A UPS is an important investment for your business and IT infrastructure. An uninterrupted power supply ensures your IT systems don’t come crashing down suddenly.

The Importance of Keeping Your UPS Running

A UPS is used to provide an uninterruptible power supply to your computer, electronics or IT infrastructure in case of a power failure. In short, your UPS acts as a reliable safety net in a predictably unreliable world.

So when the power supply in your area gets knocked out temporarily, your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) takes over and supplies the power to keep your computer or electronics running smoothly. A functional UPS eliminates system downtime or provides enough time to shut down the system safely.

If your UPS fails, your system fails too, and not without some ramification.

Choosing the Right UPS Battery Replacement

In case of power failure, your business’ IT setup is protected against any damaged only if your UPS is reliable. And your UPS is only as good as its battery. If the UPS battery fails, it could crash your IT network. As a result, your business suffers downtime, equipment damage and possible data loss.

At Lanplus, we can make sure your UPS system is ready to take on any power failure situation. With our extensive range of backup batteries, you can ensure your UPS is running smoothly at all times.

If you have been protecting your IT system with the same UPS and battery setup for quite a few years, it’s time to consider replacing the UPS batteries. Just as is the case with any battery, the battery of your UPS will deteriorate over time.

They may lose charge gradually and even lose the ability to hold a charge. As they near the end of their lives, these batteries become unreliable and they can cause serious issues if not replaced on time. They may cause chaos at just the time when you expect them to protect your IT systems.

Wide Range of New and Refurbished UPS Batteries

We stock an array of brand new and refurbished UPS batteries. When you are looking for an affordable backup battery set for your UPS, our refurbished batteries are an excellent choice. We offer a 3-month warranty on all our refurbished UPS replacement batteries.

Whether you are buying brand new or refurbished UPS batteries, be sure to invest in genuine and original batteries. Ensure that the batteries are perfectly compatible with your UPS and suited for your requirements.

Different battery brands offer completely different levels of performance. So make sure you are choosing a battery that will keep your UPS functional without causing any damage.

Feel free to contact our friendly customer support team for assistance and support.

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